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Our Focus

Structural Builds |

Skilled Craftsman |

Construction Projects 

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"It's More The Just A Photo or Video it's a Glimpse Into The Work it took Build| Its Our Story"

-Contractor | Builder | Craftsman- 

Contractor Media Group

was influenced by a combination of craftsman, construction professionals, engineers, architects, photographers, technicians, marketers and skilled tradesman.

Our group noticed an opportunity to highlight the works of skilled craftsman through marketing and branding

Our ability to capture projects for our client lies in our on the job experience. We focus on details that best highlight the project and the skills of the team working on the project.

What We Offer

 Onsite Photography | Videography | Website Design | Print Design | Social Media Management

Ground Breaking

 Onsite Photography Offerings 

Ground Breaking | In Action Photos | Highlights| Head shots Events | Drone Footage

Ground Breaking is where it all starts and we want to be sure to capture your projects at it's beginning from the shovel in the dirt to the teams celebrating the start of something great. 

Progress Builds allows contractors and builders document project builds, highlight build processes and archiving important milestones.

We are equipt to capture photography and video of these important milestones

Progress Shoot

Action Shots

Action Shots Showcase and highlight the works 

of craftsman through project builds

Real Estate Showcase and highlight property

on behalf of Realtors

Real Estate

What We Offer

 Onsite Photography | Videography | Website Design | Print Design | Social Media Management

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Action Video

Onsite Videography Offering

Ground Breaking | In Action Video | Highlights| Head shots Events | Drone Footage

30 - 60 sec video | Virtual Walk Through

Project Overview | Highlights

Why It Matter

Your Brand is Your Image | So make Your Business's services Stand Out | Make it Appealing

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Social Media Offering

Content Creation | We Post | We Manage content | Ads | We connect with audience

Social Media has 100,000+ Reach which is fundamental to getting your business in front of your clients and customers

The Era of Social Marketing : Imagery brand message, frequent content is how you stay connected with today's consumers and businesses. Its how you stand relevant beyond your brands product, service and current clients

Conversion into Money: The combination of audience, content, ad post, and relevance is how you convert follower into new clients. Its how business is moving

Social Media

This is What We Do!

Out Team like Yours is among the Most  Talented & Skilled in Industry

Let Us Share Your Story & Your Works

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