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The Decor experience is for those who own & admire rare automotives

The Experience

Each photos in the Gallery series is taken on location at private locations by Automotive photographer and Chief designer L.Carter

The Photo

Each photo is a 1 of 1 of piece photographed and designed in four unique design phases

The Vintage Austin Healey

This is an example of a piece created on loacation at a vintage  automotive event for owner of  rare vintage automobiles.

The Inclusive Presentation

Each piece is offered in a 24 x 16, on either acrylic, canvas, metal or wood prints.


The Compliment

Every piece created comes with the option to  compliment you piece with handcrafted wood and unique borders including hand laid carbon fiber borders

The 1933 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo

This is an example of a piece created at a private lake view location for a connoisseur

of rare vintage automobiles. The image above was only 1 of 100 of the original photos  selected to be created into

Tasteful Wallart. 

Contact for inquiries on The Experience 

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