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Custom Wallart Art that compliments the automotive lifestyle.


This (1/30 Limited Production Print) Porsche Continental piece was created after being inspired by the original 1955 Porsche 356 Continental captured on the show room of Porsche North Houston. A premiere porsche dealership


History (Sourced from Porsche North Houston)

Beginning in 1950 and following the move from Gmund, Austria, to Stuttgart, Germany, Porsche commenced series production of stylish and upscale 356-based Cabriolet models, with approximately 40 examples built by both the Reutter and Glaser coachworks in Germany. By 1954, production increased yearly, with the luxurious, well-appointed, and expensive models enjoying growing popularity among well-heeled driving enthusiasts. Thanks to their fixed windscreens, snugly layered folding tops, and well-bolstered seats, Porsche's early convertibles were an ideal choice for lengthy and highly spirited cross-country drives. 

During 1955, Porsche's American importer Max Hoffman was brainstorming new ways to enhance the appeal of the 356 to his discerning clientele. Taking note of the cachet provided by names, such as Bel Air or Fairlane applied to the upper-level Chevrolets and Fords of the era, Hoffman convinced Porsche management to begin placing stylish gold Continental scripts to a number of well-equipped Pre-A 356 Cabriolets in 1955. 


However, production of the Continental-badged Porsches ended quickly when Ford Motor Company filed suit against Porsche for sole rights to the use of the Continental name. Since Ford already owned and used the Continental trademark and was planning to revive the name for their upcoming Continental Mk II and its new corporate brand, Porsche complied. As a result, only about 230 Porsche 356 Continentals were produced in all.


The aim of Tasteful Wallart is to create unique artwork and sell directly to  you, in a way that reflects high-quality art pieces worth their value.


The Artist: Each photos in the custom wallart series is limited to a certain number of prints. The original photo is photographed on location by Automotive photographer and Designer L.Carter.


"Photography grew from an idea that if you can focus the lens on a single moment, that unique moment can manifest into an abundance of untamed art" - L.Carter

1955 Porsche 356 Continental Cabriolet

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